Accelerating Development of Microbiome-Based Therapies

Our goal is to improve human health by diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases associated with the human microbiome.

Our Mission

Our mission at the Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics at MIT is to deliver safe, effective and low-cost therapies for non-transmissible, chronic, microbiome-associated diseases into the hands of patients.  

Our model brings together researchers and clinicians that are leaders in across scientific fields of research and medicine to collaborate and focus on human microbiome observations and collaborate to make breakthroughs. CMIT supports this by:

  • Funding high-risk innovative translational research
  • Amplifying knowledge gained from clinical trials by generating data on microbiome composition and activity
  • Growing a microbiome-literate community by educating students, academic and industry researchers, specialists, and laypeople