Request for Applications

The Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics annual Request for Applications is open as of September 24 2019

The Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics was founded to accelerate the development of therapeutics to treat microbiome-associated disease, with a core focus on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). To support this mission, the Center has established an interdisciplinary translational research program integrating clinical and basic approaches to research. Over the past 4 years the Center has awarded over $4 million to support the development of tools to diagnose, prevent and treat ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. In 2019-2020, we continue to support the most groundbreaking proposals in the field of IBD research, and will also integrate translational research into one or more new microbiome-associated disease.


Deadline for Letter Of Intent:
November 1, 2019

Invitations for Full Application will be sent:
November 15, 2019

Full Applications due:
January 10, 2020

Decisions on Funding by:
January 31, 2020

Award Funding Period begins:
March 2, 2020

We are especially interested in proposals that address the following needs:

  • New measurement modalities to characterize the microbiota
  • New computational approaches to mine existing data set
  • Identification and/or screening of candidate therapeutic microbes to treat microbiome-associated disease
  • Projects that illuminate the function of communities or individual microbes
  • Projects that link specific microbes or microbial activities to host phenotype

We will not consider:

  • Proposals from Investigators that currently have an award
  • Proposals focused on clinical trials in healthy subjects or patients. Clinical collaborations will be considered by submission of an application found here
  • Proposals that focus on dissecting microbiome ecology or biology without direct therapeutic application

Innovation and Pilot Awards

The CMIT awards are intended to fund high-risk, high-impact research, including projects less conventional boundary-breaking ideas that cannot be supported by traditional funding sources. 

  • Innovation Awards of up to $125,000 each for 1 year in direct costs (plus overhead capped at 25%) are given to support projects requiring interdisciplinary collaboration that accelerate translation of basic research to clinical applications
  • Pilot Awards of up to $50,000 each for 1 year in direct costs (plus overhead capped at 25%) to support high-risk feasibility studies that if successful could lay the groundwork for a future Innovation project

Special consideration will be given to translational projects requiring collaboration between scientific and clinical Principal Investigators.

After 1 year, an additional 1 year of funding may be considered for successful or high-potential projects led by PIs and a research team that have actively participated in the CMIT community.

Award recipients are expected to apply for funding at the end of Year 1 from other sources including federal agencies, charitable or private foundations, to match or exceed funding from the Center to advance this project beyond the current goals.

Expectations for Grant Recipients

The Center is committed to building an interactive research community, and encouraging communication between research groups. Award recipients are expected to engage with this community by actively participating in events including:

  • Monthly Work-in-Progress Meetings held at The Broad Institute. You will present your research on a rotating schedule.
  • 4 Roundtable Meetings for Principal Investigators
  • Center Symposia and Microbiome Seminar Series


Applications will be considered from Principal Investigators from Research Institutes in MA, CT, VT, NH, RI, or NY.

Instructors from an eligible Institute may apply, by including a letter of support from their respective Department Chair. Postdoctoral Associates are not eligible to apply for these awards.

Letter of Intent

To be considered, the following requirements must be met:

  • State whether you are applying for a Pilot or Innovation Project Award
  • Describe proposed research project in less than 1,000 words This will include a concise summary of up to 150 words outlining project objectives and deliverables
  • List the contact details of the Principal Investigator(s)
  • List all participating institutions
  • Letter should be accompanied by an NIH-format biosketch for the Principal Investigator(s)
  • Total word count does not include references
  • Submit electronically to by November 1, 2019

Invitations to submit Full Proposals will be sent to select candidates by November 15, 2019.