donorselection_100hThe Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics supports the clinical community though active collaboration. Our clinical program is designed to spur translational discoveries that will ultimately streamline the development of microbiome therapeutics to treat and prevent microbiome-associated disease.

Clinical collaborations vary in scope but may include:

  • Data Generation: sequencing of microbial DNA from stool, metabolomic profiling from stool or blood, detection/quantification of other biomarkers
  • Data Analysis: expert analysis and interpretation of the generated data. Complex microbiome compositional data can visualized through out Dashboard tool
  • Guidance, as needed, on clinical trial design, and preparation of documentation (including protocols for approval by Institutional Review Board, as well as Investigational New Drug paperwork)


  • Support will be prioritized for clinical trials designed to analyze efficacy of interventions to treat diseases associated with an altered microbiome
  • Investigators should cover the clinical costs of the trial with their own funding
  • Investigators are encouraged to apply elsewhere for funding to cover the costs of data generation and analysis provided by the Center. A breakdown of costs can be provided upon request
  • For exceptional clinical studies The Center will commit to funding data generation and analysis

Application Process

Applications are considered on an ongoing basis by submitting the application form to Vicki Mountain by email

Clincal Collaboration Application Form