Funding Opportunities

The Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics continues to grow by inviting new researchers and clinicians in New England to join our vibrant community. In September 2019, we will announce a new Request for Applications for our Innovation and Pilot project awards. Available funds will support multiple Pilot and Innovation Studies. Special consideration will be given to translational projects requiring collaboration between scientific and clinical Principal Investigators. Details and a description of the application process will be posted here.

Innovation and Pilot Award Program

The CMIT awards are intended to fund high-risk, high-impact research, including less conventional projects with boundary-breaking ideas that cannot be supported by traditional funding sources.

  • Innovation Awards are made for $125,000 for 1 year in Direct Costs (plus overhead capped at 25%) to support projects requiring interdisciplinary collaboration that accelerate translation of basic research to clinical applications
  • Pilot Awards of up to $50,000 each for 1 year in Direct Costs (plus overhead capped at 25%) to support high-risk feasibility studies that if successful could lay the groundwork for a future Innovation project.

After 1 year, an additional 1 year of funding may be considered for successful or high-potential projects led by PIs and a research team that have actively participated in the CMIT community. Applications for renewed funding will be considered after review of the final report from Year 1.

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Expectations for Award Recipients

The Center is committed to building an interactive research community, and encouraging communication between research groups.

Award recipients are expected to engage with this community by actively participating in events including:

  • Monthly Work-in-Progress Meetings held at The Broad Institute. You will present your research on a rotating schedule
  • 4 Roundtable Meetings for Principal Investigators
  • Center Symposia and Microbiome Seminar Series

Within the 1-2 year funding period, award recipients are expected to apply for funding from other sources including federal agencies, charitable or private foundations, to match or exceed funding from the Center to advance this project beyond the current goals.


Applications will be considered from Principal Investigators from Research Institutes in MA, CT, VT, NH, or RI

Instructors from an eligible Institute may apply, by including a letter of support from their respective Department Chair. Postdoctoral Associates are not eligible to apply for these awards.

Get Involved

Get Involved!

To develop the spectrum of different therapies needed for patients with microbiome-associated disease, CMIT needs to continue to attract the best minds to join our community.