From Harvard Magazine, Gut Health May Begin in the Mouth

By LYDIALYLE GIBSON in Harvard Magazine 10.20.17 CHRONIC GASTROINTESTINAL PROBLEMS may begin with what is in a patient’s mouth. In a study published Thursday in Science, an international team of researchers—including one from Harvard—reported on strains of oral bacteria that, when swallowed in the 1.5 liters of saliva that people ingest every day, can lodge in the gut […]

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A Microbiome Foundation for the Study of Crohn’s Disease.

D. Gevers et al., Cell Host Microbe. 2017 Mar 8;21(3):301-304. doi: 10.1016/j.chom.2017.02.012 Our 2014 study published in Cell Host & Microbe, “The Treatment-Naive Microbiome in New-Onset Crohn’s Disease,” was designed to improve our understanding of the microbiome’s role in Crohn’s disease by studying a unique, well-suited cohort and sample set. This commentary provides a hindsight perspective of […]

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Ectopic colonization of oral bacteria in the intestine drives TH1 cell induction and inflammation.

Atarashi K et al. Science. 2017 Oct 20;358(6361):359-365. Intestinal colonization by bacteria of oral origin has been correlated with several negative health outcomes, including inflammatory bowel disease. However, a causal role of oral bacteria ectopically colonizing the intestine remains unclear. Using gnotobiotic techniques, we show that strains of Klebsiellaspp. isolated from the salivary microbiota are strong inducers […]

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